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VISIO – Green ideas, training and culture

Educational Centre Visio offers training and educational services for civil society organisations and volunteers, members of the Green Party, immigrant associations and individuals interested in environmental issues. Visio offers educational services to both individuals and organisations.


Visio fosters sustainable development, green values and democracy through adult education and cultural projects. Visio operates in the field of non-formal adult education in Finland.


Educational Centre Visio has been run by The Green Cultural Association since 1995. The Cultural association was founded five years earlier. Think Tank Visio was established in the year 2005. Visio has 23 member organisations, representing civil society from all around Finland.


Norrbottons Museum presents

Sami culture has an inmense talent for the sustainability and a unique know-how to achieve a efficient and respectful way to manage the resources provided by the nature and produce something that they need to live. In this exciting and cross-disciplinary cooperation between artists, handcrafts  and sami people we will connect this less heard culture with some of the nowadays most urgent challenges related with sustainability and Climate Change impact. 

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Consorzio Comunità Brianza

In Italian folklore, Befana is an old woman who delivers small gifts and candies to children on 5th of January, the Epiphany Eve. In the city of Agliate near Monza, every year the population celebrates the arrival of the Befana with a big festival - theatre play on the Lambro river.

Within the project “Lessons from Less Heard” the aim is to realize co-creative laboratories for the preparation and organization of the festival. Participants of the laboratories are both member of the local communities, especially families and children, and asylum seekers and refugees, newly arrived in the city. The aim of the co-creative laboratories is to give asylum seekers and refugees the chance to contribute to the realization of the festival on the river Lambro. All activities of the festival of the Befana sul Lambro are organized in the partnership between Consorzio Comunità Brianza and Commissione Cultura Alternativa (CCA).


ART 27  presents

Making art accessible to all.

Art 27 is an Human Rights organisation, driven by the 27th article of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, fully aware that all Human Rights are interconnected - one and undividable.

Art 27 focusses on art and language as means to stimulate self-esteem, wellbeing and empowerment as a member of a local & worldwide community.

Because everyone has the right to participate in the cultural life of a community and to enjoy art, we make art accessible for all via workshop, interactive guiding, visual thinking strategies and the creation of exhibitions full of new experiences and stories … so much more than just another exhibition.

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