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Art 27 presents MAAA :

Making Art Accessible to all

Every act of creation includes

an element of beauty - AH !

an element of wisdom - AHA !

and an element of humor - HAHA !

(A. Koestler)


Art 27 will organise an interactive exhibition in collaboration with local refugees and elderly people: the involvement of senior citizens is included because of their engagement in cultural heritage in the region. It will be based on a process that has been developed and used in Art27’s work for years: local artists and beneficiaries work together in workshops, according to their needs and expectations and the history of the exhibition place, on the basis of which the exhibition concept will be built. The connection between senior citizens and minorities / migrants from different ages can give an extra dimension to the aimed inclusion. Intergenerational learning is an important aspect in the work of Art 27.

The aspect of claiming public spaces for inhabitants’ activities is a crucial part of the activity: the exhibition will take over as a pop-up exhibition a space – a heritage site or site with special meaning to the neighborhood / public.

On the side of the exhibition Art27 will organise workshops, demonstrations and interactive guiding tours. Interactive guiding tours and workshops are inspired by the method of “Visual Thinking Strategies”, adapted to the specific groups and subjects. The exhibition will be open for a larger public for 3 weeks, so the participants can show their contribution and eventually guide some other groups in the exhibition.

The exhibition production will be implemented as a part of the Cookbook for Inclusive Culture as an example of best practice: the process will be packed into a concept which can be easily adapted to other communities. This production has a specific emphasis on contemporary art and artefacts.

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