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Photo of the reindeer stomach - by Moncia Blind Påve.

Norrbotton Museum presents 

Transformers LAB Goes Sami


Sami culture contains long going tradition of sustainability and a unique knowledge of how to use the resources provided by nature in a respectful and efficient way.

In this cross-disciplinary cooperation between Sami artists, and other artists, designers and craftspeople, we are highlighting some of the most urgent challenges related to sustainability and climate change. 

​We need to listen to and learn from the less heard. If we listen carefully and respectfully we have a lot to learn from each other. 

Hand in hand with the arts and crafts women Karin Roy Anderson and Monica Blind Påve you will get the chance to discover materials and techniques to make jewellery and objects of plastic garbage and eco-friendly materials like reindeer skin and bone.   

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