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Lessons of the Less Heard

How can we amplify the voices that are under-represented in the production of and discourse on culture and cultural environment? 


This is the question we ask ourselves when we work together in this Erasmus+ -funded project, Lessons from Less Heard. 


Our every action grows from a view, that ensuring every member of the population has an equal opportunity to participate and have an influence in their living environment, as well as providing accessible and relatable cultural products within local communities, are some of the cornerstones for building a cohesive community. We recognize that we, as designers of these products, and as providers of informal learning opportunities, have a significant role in promoting this kind of development.


Lessons from Less Heard is a strategic partnership consisting of four partners, who all work either or both in the cultural field and with cultural minorities: 

  • Green Cultural and Educational Centre Visio (Finland)

  • Norrbotten Museum (Sweden)

  • Art27 (Belgium)

  • Consorzio Comunità Brianza (Italy)


The project is funded by Erasmus+ Grundtvig -programme and will be implemented during 18 months, October 2020 – June 2022. 


Through this project, we commit to 

1) improve the competence of cultural organisations to promote social inclusion of ethnic minorities and social cohesion within communities, and 

2) create relatable cultural products as well as concrete experiences of inclusion for ethnic minorities. 


We strongly rely on participatory methods: rather than minorities learning about the dominant culture, they will share knowledge and skills, or produce events on their own culture and heritage. This is a straightforward way to engender relatable products and phenomena to the cultural field for those excluded from the dominant culture, and therefore create fertile ground for developing a sense of belonging and social inclusion. Furthermore, the practice of bringing the cultural minorities to the front of design of cultural and educational products and services, facilitates intercultural dialogue and, consequently, supports the incurrence of the positive curiosity and interest towards one another.


On this website, you will find information on four different participatory approaches that are implemented by the partners in their own regions. These approaches will be conceptualized in such a way that any community can replicate them. Guidelines will be produced and shared in a form of video series. Blog posts, references and other information on the subject will be shared and created. 

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